Photo submitted by Dan Weller

This picture of a one-legged seagull appeared in the Brigantine Beachcomber, a weekly local newspaper many years ago.

Inspired, I wrote a short rhyming story with a gentle message addressing the dangers of water pollution and beach

litter. We’re never too young to learn how it not only affects the environment, but is detrimental to animals, fish, and


When I saw the 2021 FWA anthology contest with the theme of Footprints, I thought

this book might be a good home for this little story/poem. I entered and it seems the

judges agreed! I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Since this little rhyming story was from manuscript #3 of the intended Sandy Gull Series, I think I would have used this cartoon drawn for me by the talented Jim Hunt. This little character appears in the background on a page in my book, Meet Sandy Gull.