Beach Fun

My story, Where’s Miss Birdie? was inspired by a photograph I’d taken of a member of my writers group. As well as being an author, Diane was a foster parent and is currently a wonderful owner of parrots. She loves her feathered family members.

After one meeting, Diane carried one of her parrots from the bird room. The bird sat so nicely on her finger. I asked if I could take a picture. Later, as I looked at the photo, my imagination kicked into overdrive and this story began to form. I must add, Diane is NOT Miss Birdie. Diane is a hip and active woman. Miss Birdie prefers gardening and sipping tea while sitting in her rocking chair on the front porch.

The Rehoboth Beach Reads books are a series of anthologies and the stories are chosen in an annual contest. Each year, authors submit stories based on a theme. The guidelines require references to familiar places in or around Rehoboth Beach, DE. I recommend all of the books in the series. They are the perfect beach reads!

I was thrilled to have my story chosen for the book, Beach Fun and was excited to be chosen to receive a Judge’s Award.

The Judge’s Comments:

Local Celebrity Miss Birdie is missing; her parrots say so! Young Tyler Thompson and his brothers decide to find her, setting loose a parrot named Einstein and a chase involving neighbors, visitors, the police, and even The US Air Force Band. This delightful beach read brings you into a multigenerational story that could only happen in a small town.

This picture was sent to me last week. Leo, the little boy laying on the blanket listening, his name is Leo. He told his mother that he thinks I wrote the book about him and his two cousins. I love that!

An award winning book, Beach Fun, edited by Nancy Sakaduski was the 2nd Place Winner in the Delaware Press Association’s Communications Contest for Collections of Short Stories by Multiple Authors. Way to Go!